The forgotten older farmers

Older farmers  tend to be viewed as less productive and always in need of support and as aresult they tend to be excluded from agricultural support programmes and services that usually target perceived productive age groups.However Studies and eveidence from our work indicate that older farmers provide for their households and contribute a lot to overal agricultural output in Zimbabwe. Older people remain economically active on their farms/plots of land and cannot all be viewed as charity cases. Their contribution to food security and general societal well-being is largelyunder researched,  unknown and ignored. 

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World Health Day 2017. Depression:Let's Talk

Depression is common in older people but often overlooked and untreated. It is an illness characterized by persistent sadness and a loss of interest in activities that one normally enjoys, accompanied by inability to carry out daily activities, for at least two weeks

Depression among older people is often associated with physical conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic pain; difficult life events, such as losing a partner; and a reduced ability to do things that were possible when younger. WHO has produced fact sheets and vidoes for the World Health Day 2017 Campaign that can be found here:

Zimbabwe commemorated the 2017 World Health Day on the 7th of April at Harare Hospital with people encouraged to talk about depression. The event saw the Minister of Health and Child Care launching the Mental Health Discharge Guidelines and officially opening the Psychiatric OPD and renovated inpatient department.Interesting about the psychiatric department is that it also focuses on provision of geriatric psychiatry.

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Call to end violence against older persons

 Abuse of older persons is a violation of human rights. Older persons need to live in a peacefull society that is friendly and free from abuse and violence. Society can benefit more from the wisdom and skills of older persons if they embrace ageing and respect older persons

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Community Based Support for Older Women

Hellen Hove Elderly Care Trust is the brains of Hellen Hove (Mrs) born in Kadoma in a family of 6 on the 19th of December 1939. She is the surviving sibling out of 6. She has 5 children who all have their families now and she lives with the 3rd born. Mbuya Hove is former nurse on pension,

Hellen Hove Elderly Care Trust operates a Day Centre for older women in Mberengwa were 13 older women are meeting regularly for psychosocial support. When the idea of utilising the centre as meeting point for older women came, Mbuya Hove was the chairperson for Parish at Lutheran. She saw 3 older women walking with support sticks and interviewed them then realised they were struggling but at their age could have managed without a stick if their mental and social aspects of life were good and this brought to mind the idea of utilising her building as a day centre of older women’s psychosocial support.


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